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Wholesome agency
Creative proposal, promotional marketing, activation at the point of sale.

National, with 17 regional management offices and 58 contacts outside Mexico City and offices in 9 foreign offices.

Cellular telephones on the net.

01800 area code
In Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancun, Cuernavaca, Culiacan, Guadalajara, Merida, Puebla, Tijuana, Tuxtla, Veracruz, and Villahermosa.

Training facilities
At all our regional offices.

At our main offices in the country.

We count on a fleet of cargo vans and 10 foot trucks.

Periodic integration dynamics by our human resources departments in the cities where we have facilities (values, personnel motivation, human relations, self-esteem, personal care, and competition development)

Made on time to all the personnel by way of debit card.

Status check of business on a periodic manner with our clients.

In a traditional format (prices, inventory, competition, etc) all the way to the most sophisticated details as forms and online data entry.
System of marketing intelligence self manageable for the control, follow up, and decision-making about the operation at the point of sale, market analysis, and personnel control.
Multiple options for data entry
Online graph of data entry, mobile parenthesis (by way of Black Berry) and self scan teleform.
Metric, indicators, and reports
Distribution of displayers, prices, surveys, sales, and attendance.
Information by
Store, chain, format, region, brand, category, segment, and user.
Operations control
Personnel attendance report, control of employee shifts, and report of efficiency displayed by the supervisor.
Of store and routes for an online geographic coverage.
Photographic report.


Additional services
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